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Stylish Swimming Pools: And Natural Pools

Stylish Swimming Pools: And Natural Pools
ISBN: 9020983644
"Stylish Swimming Pools" displays extraordinary swimming pools and swimming ponds, created by twenty renowned companies. Illustrated in color throughout, the photographs offer inspiration and ideas for the construction of your own pool or pond.

The New American Swimming Pool: Innovations in Design and Construction: 40 Case Studies
The New American Swimming Pool: Innovations in Design and Construction: 40 Case Studies
Features 40 dazzliing designs of what's hot and what's not in swimming pool design by some of the country's leading architects. Includes easy-to-follow plans, siting details, and information on materials and construction.
Swimming Pools: Design and Construction
Swimming Pools: Design and Construction
This book, the fourth edition of Perkin's classic work on the subject, has now been significantly revised. The subjects covered are general design principles, materials use, durability, uses of reinforced and pre-stressed concrete, finishing of the pool and the pool hall, water treatment and circulation, and operation and maintenance of pools, both public and private.

This is the standard reference for all civil engineers, architects, consultants and swimming pool operators involved in the design, construction and maintenance of swimming pools.
Natural Swimming Pools (Schiffer Design Book)
Reflections on the Pool: California Designs for Swimming
Reflections on the Pool: California Designs for Swimming
From Sonoma wine country in the north to sundrenched La Jolla in the south, and from Malibu's seaside enclaves to Palm Springs nestled in the desert, California's distinctive regions are home to many of the world's most stunning swimming pools. Since the ancient times, when manmade baths enhanced the gardens of Egyptian nobles, pools have been built as the ultimate symbols of luxury and leisure, providing a means of capturing one of nature's most elusive elements. Soon after the pool arrived in America in the nineteenth century, California became a mecca for pool owners, where many advances in pool design have been made over the last century.

"Reflections on the Pool presents 40 perfect pools in 100 brilliant color photographs. These include the vibrant, Mexican-style architectural design of Ricardo Legorreta and the avant-garde, sensational creations of John Lautner, and illustrate the theories of the renowned landscape designers Thomas Church and Isabelle Greene. Each section of the book features a type of pool, or an element of pool design.

Pools imitating nature, lap pools, architectural or highly ornamented pools are discussed in detail, as well as historic pools such as Hearst's Neptune Pool at San Simeon or Thomas Church's vanguard kidney-bean-shaped design of 1948, and other early California examples that set precedents for the pools of today.

The introduction outlines technical aspects of design, and gives a brief history of the pool, including the influence of Hollywood on its popularity.

Whether you own a pool or wish for one, and wherever you live, "Reflections on the Pool is a color-infused, fresh, and inspirational display of the boundless possibilities inpool design.
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